Bankruptcy: There’s an App for that!!!!






This past weekend I read an interesting article on healthcare and expectations of people of various ages for delivery of health services:

            The premise of the story was that the younger generation expected rapid delivery of health services, along the lines of shoes, electronics and other consumer goods from Amazon. The promise of the internet and its efficient marketplace was not being reached according to the younger generation, since healthcare required them to wait weeks for an appointment, show up in person and all the other inconveniences of obtaining health services.

            In contrast, the older generation in the story expected personal service from a Doctor or other health care professional. They did not mind the waiting time for an appointment if they felt that it would lead to personal service and results for health issues.

            I don’t claim to have the answers to fix the healthcare system and make it work for two such contrasting expectations. However, the story made me think of the services that I provide for people and the expectations that they have for a bankruptcy filing through our office. Are people looking for an efficient model or do they want a personal touch with filings? How can I continue to deliver quality legal services in bankruptcy law if I don’t know expectations?

            It appears that the Courts are trying to set up the bankruptcy system for the efficient model. In December of 2015, the Official Bankruptcy Forms were changed to provide for new schedules (your financial and asset related information) for each Chapter of bankruptcy forms. The forms were designed with a “check box” approach to facilitate a yes/no type of answer to each question regarding assets and other financial information. I can see a day in the near future where a consumer could log onto a website, check some boxes, swipe a debit card and have bankruptcy filing completed in a short time period. I believe that day is coming sooner than most bankruptcy attorneys want to imagine.

            Here is the problem with the efficient model for bankruptcy: People rarely go to jail, lose assets or lose the ability to discharge debt as a result of mistakes in filling out medical forms. All of those things can and do happen to people who fill out bankruptcy forms incorrectly. Failure to list assets, incorrect valuations, fraudulent transactions prior to filing and other form related issues are all grounds for loss of a bankruptcy discharge, criminal referrals and significant legal consequences.

            With those consequences in mind, our office tries to take a balanced approach to filing each case. We respect your time. You will not be sent to a waiting room and made to wait for hours when you set up an appointment. Our attorneys will see you promptly at your appointment time. If there is a conflict that was unavoidable, then we have three attorneys to make sure that you are taken care of right away.

            We use the latest technology to make your completion of the forms as thorough and quick as possible. We routinely use services to pull all three credit bureaus. We check all the court records for judgments and other liens on property. All of these make your time at our office as efficient as possible, while still safeguarding your ability to properly complete the forms to be filed.

            When you need to file bankruptcy, don’t rely on Amazon to deliver a Chapter 7 in a box. Bankruptcy filings have real consequences and should be treated seriously by each filer. Let us give you the attention that you need to make sure that your bankruptcy is completed properly and you understand the process – no matter your generation or approach to services.

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Bryan K. Mickler