Gay Marriage and Bankruptcy Filing in 2015



It was recently a banner day at the Law Offices of Mickler & Mickler. We just received our first discharge in a case filed by a married gay couple.

When the case was filed as a Chapter 7 in September of 2014, gay marriage was not legal in Florida. However, the couple were Florida residents who had recently been married in New York. Our office took the position that a married couple should be allowed to file a joint case no matter the status of the marriage in Florida. It was clear that the Supreme Court ruling striking down discriminatory federal marriage laws meant that the Federal Courts were going to have to allow joint cases for gay married couples – even if Florida law was still unsettled.

When the discharge was entered without objection, it was another small step in what has been a long march to equality in marriage. If you have questions regarding your eligibility to file bankruptcy, call our office today to schedule a free appointment to review your options.

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Bryan K. Mickler